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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2010 2:30am-3:00am PST

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if we do not get august petition support as necessary by october 8, which was the date that we asked property owners to return, then we extended the petition organizing effort in steering committees have lists of folks that they know that they are calling and meeting with, doing these presentations with. october 8 was the goal. we asked property owners to return the petition by the eighth, so we do know if we will be coming back to the board. we do know if we have the support yet. but we have gotten at least 10% of the petitions back and we are hitting the pavement, trying to
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get more. that is the ideal goal, october 8, petitions will be returned. introducing the resolution of intent on october 12 was the goal. that would have to get heard at a fiscal committee. then it would have to be approved or voted on by the board of supervisors. our target date would be october 26. if all of that legislation is approved, ballots could be sent out by october 29, allowing for a final ballot hearing at the end of this calendar year. supervisor avalos: does the city have the ability to find petitions without this resolution? >> i do not know if i understand
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your question. supervisor avalos: in order to get to the threshold that allows us to pass a resolution of intention of formation, does the city need this resolution to be able to file petitions? we did not need that at ocean avenue. >> as a city we did not sign petitions. but we did in other districts. the policy has been four other districts, where the city is not a major stakeholder, the policy has been that the city has not voted in the petition phase four other districts. the city has voted in the ballot phase. for those we have authorized the mayor to cast during the ballot
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phase. this is the first time that our office, the mayors of this, ask the board of supervisors to weigh in because with such a significant stake holder in the district, we thought it was only respectful to ask whether the supervisors support this or not as a concept. it does not mean a resolution has to get approved. it just means -- do we support this concept at this point? supervisor avalos: ok, would feel more comfortable seeing what comes in after the eighth. i'm not sure how that affects your timeline. i think the time line is really
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based on the budget and when the departments submit what they know what their budget is going to be relative to cbd, and i think we still have time to work it out. i think there is still a little time to work out, but i would feel most comfortable waiting a little bit longer and seeing what comes in. i actually am in support of doing a cbd here. i would imagine most of the colleagues would be ok with that as well, knowing what the benefits are and how would affect our districts, and i do not know why that threshold is so important for us to initiate the petition phase that would make it a certainty, whether it pretty much would be anyway. motion from supervisor elsbernd
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to continue to october 13, and i will second that, so we will continue this item to october 13. ok. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor avalos: thank you. call item five, please. >> item 5, resolution receiving an approving the 2500 block of mrs. st. business improvement district annual report for fiscal years 2007, 2008, and 2009. supervisor avalos: welcome back. >> good morning. office of economic and workforce development. i am speaking on this item, which is a resolution regarding the 2500 block of mission street business improvement district to approve their annual reports to the city. we have received annual reports that we have been reviewing, and
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we have reviewed and we have a report summarizing our review for 2007, 2008, and 2009, and i just wanted to show you a little bit of our analysis of the work of this district, and their financial statements that they submitted. our office has worked with the controller's office to review all their financial statements and come up with a financial analysis on our staff report to you. all business improvement districts are governed by state law, and a local ordinance that amends the state law, article 15. they also are governed by a contract that they have with the city, and they are also governed by their management plan, which is brewed by property owners but also by the board of supervisors if these districts
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are established and when they are established. our office, office of economic and workforce development -- we are charged with ensuring that the bids are meeting their city contract requirements and reporting on the status of these districts to you. oewd is charged with conducting an annual review of each business improvement district. we also call them cbd's. same kind of concept. we provide for a supervisor reports and additional analysis we do in collaboration with the board of supervisors office. this particular inclusion covers the annual reports for 2007, 2008, 2009, submitted by the 2500 block bid. their fiscal year is the calendar year. this district was established in 2005. it is our smallest district.
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they have an annual budget of $75,000, and their primary purpose is to keep their streets clean and safe, and they do some beatifications as well in terms of flower baskets, daily cleaning, graffiti removal, pressure washing the sidewalks, and some surveillance of the properties by the cbd property owners. what we found was that the budget amount for each service category was within 10 percentage points from the budget of the previous fiscal year for zero years reported, so we wanted to make sure that their budget is not increasing drastically or decreasing drastically from what they stated they would do in the management plan and from year to year, that it does not change drastically, so that what they promise they are doing.
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the mission business improvement district met the requirement to how at least 5% of their income comes from other sources, so each district needs to fund raise in addition to the assessment, this district have in-kind donations and some grants that helped them get to the 5% other income. the mission did state within 10% variance between the budget amount and actual expenses, so we are looking from year to year that their budgets stay consistent, but also that they do not spend way more or weigh less than they said they would in their budget. and then carryover funds. sometimes, they have funds at the end of the year that day under state law are required to show in the next year's budget how they are going to spend those carryover funds, and they have to be in accordance to their management plan, and they are going to have to spend any funds they have left by the end
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of this calendar year because they are -- they cannot renew unless they are approved for renewal, and they actually have a renewal hearing on october 5, so if they do not renew, they have to spend all their funds by the end of this year, and if they do read it, they still need to spend down their funds, but they would be able to assess for the next calendar year if they renew. this shows the 2010 budget. there projected revenue from assessments is $73,000. they have 36,611 carryover for 11 of 11,000 $900,000 this year, and these are how they are spending these funds. beautification cleaning, maintenance, public relations, 86,006 and $11. on staff management and general administrative costs. >> -- supervisor avalos: that
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will all be expended by the end of this year? >> yes, by december 1. we will make sure because they will submit financial statements to us at the end of the fiscal year as well, and we will review that with the controller's offi ce. we have some recommendations for the bid. if they were new, we will make sure they include their in-kind donations in their audits as income, and we also want them to issue detailed -- details about how they plan to spend any carryover revenant. in every year's budget, we need to show how that is going to be spent. not just them, but every district. i believe that is about it. that is all i have to report. supervisor avalos: thank you.
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do you have a sense of what the changeover is or recommendation with the changeover is or how much property is turned over? for those 20 parcels, or the same property owners involved? does that change significantly? what do you see as the prospects for renewing in the next year? >> they are in the ballot phase, and next week, the department of elections will count the ballots. there board of directors is quite committed. it is a small block, so they know every property owner on the block, and they know all the merchants and some of the property owners are merchants, so i do not know if there board membership has changed in the past five years. i could ask them that. i go to the meetings at least once a year, and all of the same board members from the
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beginning actually are still on the board that i can remember, but i can look into that and get that information back to the board. in terms of property ownership, i can compare the current property ownership to the property owners five years ago. i do not have that information available now, but some of the parcels i know have split into several parcels. but because we had to readjust their assessments when they split, but i do not remember that the property owner has actually changed. i'm sure there must have been some turnover. supervisor avalos: ok, we can open up for public comment. seeing no one come forward, we will close public comment. we can approve this. it is actually a resolution. so we are moving forward with recommendation, and we will take that without objection. thank you for your presentation
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, and we do not have any more items, correct? >> that completes the agenda. supervisor avalos: then we are adjourned.
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mayor newsom: thank you. sorry about the delay. there things i wish i could tell you that i was just doing, but i cannot. i do not want to get ahead of myself. there are some exciting things in a town that is doing well despite the macro economy, with treasure island, a hunters point, at the transfer terminal, the work been done and the. and port -- the work being done at the pier and pork. there are a lot of companies growing in this city. a lot will be making announcements about their growth and commitment to our city. that is the spirit that brings us together at the swearing in. that should be the spirit that focuses and unites all of us. that is about collaboration,
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coordination, partnership. not just the public and private partnerships. it is also the public partnerships. it is about getting people to work and reducing anxiety and stress, creating opportunity and building the future of this city by focusing on investing in people and place. i am very grateful that you all took the time to be here. i see you wait too many commissioners to even mention them. -- i see way to mano many commissioners to even mention them along with department heads. i want to thank all of those assembled, family members in particular, for taking the time to come down. we're making a number of new appointments. we are making some reappointment. one that i cannot hesitate to or
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should not -- john newland and i go way back. i somehow became the president of the commission, i still do not know how that happened. newland came in to replace a former director and took over the show down there. he was running things, dpt for some time. i got to know john. somehow, i became mayor. i thought he was a great person to get back on the mix and was very honored that john decided to take the entertainment commission post. i beat him up a lot, the entertainment commission that is. jordan was on that commission.
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he was wise to say i am out of here and do not need this. it was never personal with me. i said the entertainment commission can be so much more than it is today. it needs to adjust to the changing conditions of what is going on with clubs and promoters. john was always there to say yes let's try new things and keep at this. i was very grateful for his stewardship there and his leadership that he demonstrated. that is why i am honored to have the opportunity to reappoint john. mike garcia is doing a great job on the board of appeals. it seems like you guys are on every single night, channel 15 or 28, 360 whatever. channel 326. [laughter] when appointments come up, you kind of gauge where someone
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stands in terms of their position in a number of phone calls that you get. it is always interesting to me the kind of calls that i get, particularly with mike. a broad swatch of folks said that he is doing a great job and hoped would reconsider him. i do not think that many of them were planted, that he sent them my way as is sometimes the case. they came organically. it was an easy decision to make to ask if he would continue to serve. i am very grateful. jordan slain served on the entertainment commission but was not as entertaining as he hoped. he did a good job. he thought you would give someone else an opportunity. i have the opportunity to appoint his replacement. and we have the help service board appointments coming up. i thought who better to consider than dr. jordan shlain.
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i thought he would be ideal. i was surprised to get him on the phone because you know how difficult doctors are. when i did, he was put on the spot. he thought it was a medical issue or emergency for me. he then said he would get back to me. he knew what it did. he wanted to make sure it matched with his time and expectations. he did his due diligence as he always does. i am grateful that you are willing to serve. your very good choice, if i do say so myself. i got a lot of calls for todd. the human rights commission is an interesting commission. i appreciate the work they do. it is very important. a lot of the work they do is to -- work that no one appreciates.
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i have always joked than politics you do not get credit for saves, only in baseball. the human rights commission should get credit for a lot of saves, diffusing things before they metastasize, speaking in terms of dr. shlain and making sure they do not become bigger issues. todd comes with a lot of credentials. i think he understands the role as preventative as much or more than anything else. that is one of the reasons i got to rhesus parked there. i think she is doing a superlative job. -- that is why i got to recess barks --theresa sparks there. i think she is doing a superlative job. she may be mayor sunday. i think she will be pleased to have todd's stewardship. i do not know why anyone would want to serve on the mta, cheryl
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but i do not think there is a better choice than cheryl. she went through the public process. i got a little nervous. some of my biggest critics do not think i sleep on the right side of the bed. they are ahuge supporters of hers. i did not hold that against her. she is simply qualified and capable. she deserves this position. she is going to do a great job. i am absolutely confident of that. we put you through the wringer. i must have called for three or four times. i told her to give me her answer. then i hung up on her. it was great. i appreciated her candor and honesty. it is not that i did not put all
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of these folks through the wringer. i wanted to make the right choice. it is one way to say that we're making the right choice. sheryl is someone that will be around a long time. i am confident that whoever replaces me will reappoint you based upon the work you have done and the work that you continue to do. thank you for your willingness to serve. i am very enthusiastic about it. rodney is one i had slated for later nine other commissions. everyone kind of likes him. then more people like him. that is his burden in some respects. i am very pleased that rodney is sticking it out on the port. i know what he wants to do it and for good reasons. he has a lot of friends down there. but he calls balls and strikes.
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sometimes you get a little comfortable on some of these commissions. you get a little leverage over folks. sometimes people use it, some more subtle than others. rodney has never done that in any way that would solicit, from my perspective, any condonation or critique. -- condemnation or critique. he operates in places down there near fisherman's wharf. he does a great job and does it with integrity. thank you for your desire and willingness to serve. these are important positions. i am about to go to the bond ratings agencieses. they are waiting for me. we will try to keep our bond rating of their as the highest in california. we are proud of that. it is a remarkable thing, trust me. i cannot promise that is the way it will be in a week or two because we have depleted some reserves. i can promise you it will be
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better than nine out of 10 others because of the way we have managed the city finances. people love to critique and say we should spend money we do not have, but we have done justice to that. i say that because we are about to go out and sell about $1.8 billion bonds on the water improvement project. the figure was originally proposition a. there have been a lot of others. -- i think it was originally proposition a. there have been a lot of others. it is important to have good stewards and people better. fiduciaries -- that are good fiduciaries. amy brown is one of them. that is why i wanted to reappoint any. she has done a great job. i am very thankful. not everyone wants to be on the bond oversight committee. they want the airport and those things. these are the important commissions that do deserve more
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attention. you always want to find good people, a political. commissioner brown is one of them. that is the group. i have spoken long enough. now i simply ask that you do a little speaking by repeating after me. i will ask that you all stand. raise your right hands. all you have to do is state your name when i say "i." then i will mention the position and you will mention the body or committee that you will be serving. if you change it, i will stop you. that has happened before. someone came here under false pretences and we corrected it.
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i could just ask that you allstate your name. "i, do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california, that i bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion, and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i am about to enter. during such time as i know the position as a member [various
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boards] for the city and county of san francisco." congratulations. [applause] that will do it. music. in joy. thank you all for taking the time. -- enjoy. thank you all for taking the time. ♪


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